Thursday, April 2, 2015

The fearless little boy

This is the story of a fearless little boy,
who thought that he was destined for something big,
and he would one day be the hero,
who slays the big bad dragon.

A boy who made a promise to his mom,
his sweet beautiful mom,
comes hell or high water,
he will definitely,
change the world,
without ever losing himself.

A fearless one he was called,
as he spent his whole days,
talking about the future,
as if he even had a clue,
with that chubby glimmering face.

Every folks in town would sing his name,
as they come marching towards him,
to inquire his piece of mind,
about their own personal concerns.
And the fearless little boy would reassure them,
as he had always did,
saying how bad things are only myths,
and that everything will be alright.

Years passed

The folks would gather around the boy,
still eagerly waiting,
for his great fervor of chat,
to lift their own spirit.
A comforter,
who made silly assurances,
and made everyone felt good about themselves,
with his mere words.

and nobody, had ever doubted him.
except for the boy himself.

The fearless boy they would say.
A boy who was not supposed to be afraid of anything.
Tell a lie big and frequent enough,
and the lie will be believed.
The boy made a terrible mistake,
as he was so young and naive,
he did believed.

And as time goes by,
fate took its part,
as the universe couldn't even care less,
everything came crashing down,
along with his hopes.
along with his mom.

It all happened so fast.
As his world was torn apart,
and day by day,
it was getting rather tiring.
The moment he realised,
how he spent his whole life,
trying to help others,
while his dying heart was left unattended.
So no more promises, no more fairy tales, no more dreams.
it took him all these years to figure it out.
Fearless, is just another pretty word for Foolishness

Should he be a bit more fearful, it wouldn't hurt this bad.

What a foolish little boy,
who once thought that he was destined for something big,
who thought he was not afraid of losing anything.
Now when people say his name,
they will whisper how big his dream was,
and how he tragically died in his own fantasy.
This, is his untold story.

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