Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pursuit of happines

To the well organized minds, everything bothers them.
When you're at dismay, they'll ask questions, when you're happy, they won't buy it.
These minds, they're constantly looking to solve problem even when it wasn't even there.

I hated it. Maybe it's because I used to possessed that sort of thinking. Used to.
Or perhaps maybe it's the unfortunate fact that sometimes, people just don't want to be cured and don't want to be disturbed.

Great minds think alike? maybe so. But sadly, great mind, annoys people too. Particularly to the damaged ones

And unsurprisingly enough,
the inevitable, ultimate million dollar question came to me, from every directions.

"ikram, are you okay?"


ever think of how selfish that question sounds?
because 99% of those who asked, had already know the answer.

Now I know a thing or two about manners.
I'm not going to whine on how broken I am to a wonderfully constructed question of which I am sure filled with genuine concern about me, so, here it goes


I'm fine.

*ikram, remember to smile*

honestly though, I. Am. Fine.


But "feeling fine" is such a massive phrase that I believe one can decide its meaning with his own words and his own descriptions. Assuming we define it with the ordinary definition, despite its glorious reputation, feeling fine is utterly boring and quiet frankly overrated

Feeling nothing, on the other hand, is a darling.
Such an underrated emotion.
It is the one true definition of feeling fine.
Empty, nothing, is my fine

I am terribly, horribly, feeling empty at the moment.

So in answering that famous old question again,

"Ikram, are you okay?"

I'm okay.
I am perfectly fine.
I am just, not happy

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